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Our Story

Breathe and Stretch evolved out of one woman’s relentless pursuit to regain her health after a breast cancer diagnosis. Disappointed, and left feeling  unsupported after her treatment protocols, Edna Campbell became determined to find, or formulate a recovery program that would meet the needs of breast cancer survivors as they grapple with the challenges of restoring their health.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and educate  breast cancer survivors back to health by utilizing our Breathe and Stretch technique. We believe that everyone has  the innate ability to incite balance, and restore their health after an injury or trauma. We utilize intentional movement, and diaphragmatic breathing to strengthen the immune system, improve mobility, reduce stress and improve overall quality of one’s life.

Edna Campbell

Edna Campbell, Founder,  is a breast cancer survivor, and former Professional Basketball player in the WNBA. Through her efforts to get back on the court after her diagnosis, Edna, cultivated insight, and sought out resources to regain her health. Throughfound the wherewithal, and strength to her diligence, and self-awareness, Edna  make it back on the court within 6 months of her diagnosis and treatments.

Edna infuses everyone she comes in contact with her passion for life. Edna has leveraged her personal story to inspire, and empower survivors around the globe to regain their health with confidence and dignity. To say Edna Campbell is a winner is an understatement.
Edna Campbell shares her vision of health, and vitality for all who have battled breast cancer through the Breast Cancer Recovery Manual, and the Breathe and Stretch program.

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